Mar 2, 2010

The Flash community is very excited about the potential of making iPhone apps with the new version coming out soon. This list is the “before”. What apps are out there now to help with Flash? What has been made with Flash? So far, not that much. That will all change in the next 6 months! Stay tuned.

Intro to Adobe Flash CS4

Training app for CS4. Learn on the go.


Adobe® LiveCycle® Workspace Mobile ES2

Organize your projects and resources while on the move.


Power Workflow for Adobe Flash CS4

Another great course on Flash.


Adobe® Connect™ Mobile

Join Connect meetings from your iPhone.


Flash 8: The Missing Manual

O’Reilly always delivers. And if you come across a legacy system that needs AS2 and Flash 8 updates this resource is perfect!


Red Hood

A compelling story-based app made with Flash.


Study AS3

The first app I’ve used made with CS5 for the iPhone. Handy study tool for your ACE exam.


AS3 API Reference

It’s free and from Mike Chambers. Need I say more? Perfect for having the whole AS3 in your pocket.



Free tutorials about AS3 and Flash. This is an abridged version until you pay for the full.


AS3 한글레퍼런스

It’s free and when I come across Korean developers I can ingratiate myself. Man, Korean looks cool!


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