Five great apps for prepping for the SAT

Aug 7, 2013

A new school year is nearly upon us, meaning high school will wind to a close for a select group of students. Many of us dread standardized tests, but these apps can help in preparation.

SAT Up – New SAT Test Prep and Tutoring

This app is by far a leader in SAT test preparation, and it makes sure students are aware of their practice scores as extra motivation. With this app, your student will always know where they stand, percentile-wise.


SAT Word Slam

This rhyming app is handy for anyone (at any level) who needs to memorize loads of vocabulary words. It utilizes mnemonics to make sure you’ll retain those crucial words, which can bump up your scores.


AP Exam Prep – Psychology, U.S. History, and more Questions to Know by Test Day

McGraw Hill has developed some truly amazing and efficient study guide apps, and the AP Exam Prep app offers individual course testing. While not all of it is applicable for taking the SAT or ACT, it’s a handy app.


SAT [∞]

This app covers the math portion of SAT prep, including properties of integers, percents, probability, absolute value, and more.


The Official SAT Question of the Day

Say you’re the type that HATES cramming. Download this app to received one question per day, as this app’s name suggests. The questions are specific, and the app monitors correct answers and how long it takes you to answer.


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