Five great apps for a three-year-old

Apr 27, 2010

We’ve got two rugrats, a boy that’s almost two and a girl who is three and a half. I pretty much have to wrest my iPod touch out of my daughter’s hand much of the time and these five apps are a big part of the reason why. This is a mix of educational apps like iWrite Letters and others that are just fun like Peekaboo Barn. While both kids use these apps, the elder gets a lot more out of them, hence I’m pegging this at the three-year-old bracket.

123 Color: Talking Coloring Book (Words Spoken In English, Spanish, French, and German)

This was a great app before the update and even better since. The kids often use it as a dancing game – colouring in quickly then dancing as soon as the music comes on. Classic.


Itsy Bitsy Spider – by Duck Duck Moose

Initially I thought this was a bit dull but both kids, especially Miss 3yo love it. She managed to find a lot of aspects to the game I didn’t even realise were there. It is engaging, fun and very pretty.



This is arguably the best app I’ve bought so far for the kids. As a means to instill the alphabet and writing the letters by finger tip it is fabulous. Two thumbs up.


Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

While the sounds can be a little annoying, there are a lot of levels to this game that can test kids on a range of different levels. There is memory, colour matching, size matching, shape fitting and they can even collect a bunch of stickers as a prize.


Peekaboo Barn

Dead simple to use. I thought the kids would get bored with this one fast, but they didn’t and Mr 2yo finds it quite hysterical. Fun with lots of bright colours. Only obvious improvement would be more animals.


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