Five Apps to Organize Your Closet

Mar 7, 2018

We can all picture our perfect wardrobe, shoes neatly lined up on a rack, shirts organized by color or style, everything organized by season and purpose.

Now, let’s be honest, for most of us this is not the reality, as our closest a mess of clothes we’ve thrown in and it’s near impossible to find anything. Another reality is that because it’s so hard to see the clothes we own, it becomes easier to wear the same thing over and over again. The good news is you no longer have to live like this, you can organize your entire closet from your phone.

Below are five apps to help you revolutionize your closet:


Style Book makes it super easy to create your virtual closet, simply take photos of your clothes and Style Book does the rest, even removing the background from your photos so that it is easy to combine clothes and see what outfits will look like. Once you’ve added your clothes you can sort them into different categories of your choosing and the great thing is they stay in those categories, unlike real clothes that quickly turn into a mixed up jumble. With Style Book you can create and save as many outfits as your imagination allows. With calendar view you can assign outfits to certain days, making it easier than ever to plan your outfits for the week ahead.

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Smart Closet

Smart Closet focuses on creating a sleek and simple app that allows users to add both their own clothes and items from popular high street brands, to create outfits. With Smart Closet it is easy to drag clothes onto the creative outfit board and try different combinations.

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You can save outfits to a calendar, perfect when packing for an upcoming trip to ensure you only take what you know you’re going to wear. The ability to add clothes from popular stores is a really nice addition to the app, allowing you to see how potential items combine with your current closet, helping you make an informed decision before buying clothes.

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Your Closet

Your Closet allows you to truly take control of your closet, ensuring that you never find yourself at the last minute unsure what to wear, with a mess of clothes in front of you. Much like other closet apps the first step is to take photos of your entire closet and then the fun begins and it has never been easier to organize your clothes into groups and see exactly what you own.

You can create outfits and save them into categories of your choosing, group all of your evening outfits in one place, eliminating the stress of picking an outfit for that last minute event you’ve been invited to. An awesome feature of Your Closet is its ability to provide you with statistics about your closet. You Closet can tell you the items of clothing that you never wear and those special pieces that you find yourself wearing time and time again, this is a handy feature when trying to decide what to pack for an upcoming trip.

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Men Closet

Men Closet understand that it’s not just females that want to organize their closet and make outfit planning easier than ever and has created an app tailored towards men in a rush, with a clear design and easy to use tools. Upload images of your clothes and Men Closet will remove all background and help you to sort your clothes into categories. Men Closet will provide you with statistics based what you wear and the outfits you have created, allowing you to take control of your closet. Men Closet is perfect for planning your outfits for the work week ahead, so you know what to wash and what can be left for another week.

Men Closet - Your Fashion Style
Men Closet - Your Fashion Style

Glam Outfit

Glam Outfit is your virtual closet, sort both your clothes and accessories into easy to find categories and create outfits that will turn heads. You can assign outfits to certain days of the week or place them on the in-app calendar, meaning no last-minute closet disasters. Glam Outfit goes even one step further in an attempt to make clothes planning a fun and easy process, providing you with outfit ideas, not sure what to wear Glam Outfit will look at your clothing calendar and the items you have in your closet to provide you with suggestions for the perfect outfit.

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