Fire Service App List

Feb 28, 2012

I am a Fire Service Instructor, and enjoy finding new ways to use technology in my teaching.

Explain Everything™ Classic

Amazing app to create training videos with annotation and narration.



This is my preferred calendar app for all my iDevices. Easy to view monthly schedule with color coding, and syncs well with google calendar.


Box for iPhone and iPad is quickly becoming my favorite cloud storage solution. I love the “favorite” feature which allows you to quickly save your cloud docs for offline viewing if needed.



Dropbox is a close second to, and you can never have too much storage space.



If you use Firehouse Software, this app allows for remote access to firehouse server.


Google Earth

I use this to get satellite pictures of buildings that I want to pre-plan or for post incident analysis. Great companion to Explain Everything App


GoodReader for iPad

Invaluable app for all your file management needs. Rename, Save and Email multiple files etc… I keep this on my phone and ipad.


2Screens – Presentation Expert

Nice presentation tool with a lot of features. I don’t use this as my only presentation software, but it is useful in many situations when looking for a specific feature. Also has a nice remote for iphone that allows phone to act as remote for Ipad presentation.



I have been trying this app out lately and like it a lot. Again, you can never have too much storage space.


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