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Aug 24, 2017

Finding work is difficult, and searching for the right employee is equally as hard. Although the invention of the internet has eased the pain of having to hand resumes out manually and flick through pages and pages of newspaper adverts, it’s still tough finding work that’s suitable for you, an employer who’s willing to take you on quickly, or an employee with the right skillset. As easy as online job boards seem, rarely do they offer work instantaneously. Labor Go is an app designed both for people looking for good work instantly and employers trying to fill a vacancy, allowing them to search for or post jobs in a variety of different industries in locations all across the world. With its safe and secure ratings and payment system, it proves that this is the future for recruitment: quick and simple.

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Labor Go allows you to set up an account as either a user or an employer; the former means you can search for a multitude of different vacancies in regions across the globe, whereas the latter gives you access to the app’s job board, meaning you can post vacancies yourself. The vacancies themselves are separated into 29 different specialisms, ranging from Warehouse to Human Resources, Government to Engineering. Then, of course, the location of the vacancy also plays a pivotal role for the employer and job seeker, and a worldwide map within the app shows where the local jobs are within each job category. Once a job is posted by an employer and the right category and location are searched for by the potential employee, that vacancy will show on the map, allowing the user to view the job profile, the address, and contact the employer via email or telephone.

With such freedom comes risk, though: what if the employer I’m due to work for has a bad reputation? How do I know that my employee is trustworthy enough to work for my company? Labor Go mitigates the worries users and employees may have with its ratings system. For every job the user completes and employee gives to an employer, they both receive a rating out of five stars. This can be seen by both sides when there’s a potential vacancy to be taken, meaning they can both feel at ease that both sides are trustworthy. If you have certain expectations, Labor Go ensures you can meet them.

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When contact has been made, Labor Go gives the user and employee several different options. If the employee chooses to do so, they can provide users access to their email address and telephone number, both of which can be seen when a potential employee goes to apply for the role. However, if the employee prefers privacy above all else, Labor Go has an in-app chat system, allowing both sides of the party to communicate safely and securely. This is of an obvious benefit to the employer: personal details are exactly that: personal, and many won’t want to throw them around to people they don’t know. The chat is also useful for the user as well, though: it’s easy to use, Labor Go sends notifications notifying the person when there’s a new message, and they don’t have to leave the app to return a message.

Assuming an agreement has been made and the work completed, payment on Labor Go can be made as safely and securely as the chat system.

Assuming an agreement has been made and the work completed, payment on Labor Go can be made as safely and securely as the chat system. Both parties can upload payment details so, upon confirmation from both sides, the employee can send the agreed fee to the user directly through the app. Not only is this the simplest and fastest way of doing things, but it also ensures that the details of all processed payments can be tracked easily in the future. If there are issues, then a Contact Us section within the app gives you access to the developer’s telephone number, email address, and standard address.

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Labor Go hints at a new generation of work and recruitment, one in which the employee has the freedom to pick and choose the work they feel is best for them, and the employer can fill a vacancy quickly, easily, and with the knowledge that the user is a respectable candidate. While this gig economy won’t be for all, apps like Labor Go mean it’s never been easier for those interested to find work.

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