File. Find and Share: Getonatop – a personal and household productivity app

Jun 8, 2017

While it has become easier for people to follow up their expenses using the internet and various apps, we are getting more aware that cheap short-term utility deals easily become money pits. Competition in the industry is fierce and companies are ready to pay vast amounts of money to have consumers switch.

Price comparison websites have helped consumers save billions of pounds by gathering all the deals into one web page, which has been great. The only problem is that they do not store subscriptions or remind of ending dates. They might also forward your private information to their partner companies which usually mean annoying sales calls.

In the UK 44% of website visits are made via mobile devices and the amount is increasing every year. As our generation is switching more towards paperless lifestyle after apps took over in early 2008, it’s important to utilize the right tools for finding the best deals.

To avoid all the hassle of running for paper files or scrolling through clogged emails trying to locate the correct utility subscription, there is a new multi-functional productivity app called Getonatop.

Rather than always running to paper files, or trying to find the admin from clogged emails, there is a new era of productivity apps emerging to tackle the problem of storing and reminding of personal and household financial admin.

It’s developed to be as simple and easy to use as an app could be, without adverts. Organize your vital files with easy whole-of-market drop-down lists divided into four categories: Money; Insurance; Gas, Electricity & Water; and TV, Internet & Phones. Then upload photos or screenshots of documents within seconds. It’s also ‘active’, reminding total of 5 times before the contract ends. 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 days, on the day it ends, and then 2 days later. The app even allows files to be shared.

Getonatop Animation

A short animation to explain the use and benefits of Getonatop’s V.1 iOS and Android app.

Getonatop’s founder had the idea after having his car clamped and towed after not paying his road tax because of a) he forgot to put the date in his diary and b) the remainder went to an old address.  He also missed the end of his mortgage’s fixed rate period and got bumped onto a higher one… And he’s not alone.

Getonatop uses the same level of encryption as banks do. All you need to do, after setting your login details (e-mail and password) is choose a Passcode (PIN), for extra security. Your files will be encrypted before loading into your free storage, which would not be stored on your mobile device directly, so even if your phone would get stolen they stay secure.

Getonatop has been developed in a way that it only lets you see your files and your information, which will never be sold to third parties.  Apart from keeping your data private, this means you will never get any annoying sales calls. You could also allow Getonatop to use your phone’s fingerprint identification function, for even more security and faster access to your personal and household finances. Getonatop is available for iOS and Android devices.

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