May 6, 2011

Because all you really need in life is a good pair of shoes.

Sweet Feet

O.K., so some people have fetishes and they have to do with feet. If you like to look at pictures of feet, this app is for you!


Good Feet

Did you know that each foot contains 28 bones and 35 joints? This app has a lot of interesting facts about feet and great tips on how to keep your feet healthy for the next 100,000 miles you will walk. Recommend.


Under My Feet

This app is sooooooooooooooo cool. That’s right “under my feet” because the earth is round. From where I am, Argentina is under my feet and Hong Kong is above my feet. I think that’s how it works? Otherwise I’m not sure what AMF and UMF stand for. Highly Recommend!


iPodiatrist™ – The Podiatry Profession In Your P…

Everything you have ever wanted to know about podiatry! This app is very informative, easy to navigate and well designed. Categories include foot anatomy, foot disorders and how to find a podiatrist.


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