February top five games.

Feb 4, 2011

Some old favorites with a couple new ones.

Secret of Mana

Simply one of THE classics as rpgs go, and still able to evoke continuous love for it. The controls are unintuitive and at times take time to get used to, but it works smoothly enough for me now.



Simple great graphics, controls, and gameplay, but simple it is not. Multitasking on the battlefield under time pressures makes for some challenges. Love the assortment of heroes and the different combinations of heroes possible. This isn’t one to miss!


Reckless Racing

Hotlap and trying to beat my best time keeps me coming back. Hillbilly fun!



Still the best multiple player turn based strategy game out there. The developers are constantly working to balance out the races and make cheating harder.


Dead Space™

If you haven’t seen mostly buttonless control in a first person shooter, scary atmospheres, great graphics, and a decent storyline, then pick this up.


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