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Aug 31, 2012

iPhone and iPad app developer and publishers are encouraged to contact us directly at Appolicious to promote their new app and game releases. Just tell us about the apps that inspire you the most through a rating or review, or create curated lists of your favorites. We will be happy to give your app a […]

iPhone and iPad app developer and publishers are encouraged to contact us directly at Appolicious to promote their new app and game releases. Just tell us about the apps that inspire you the most through a rating or review, or create curated lists of your favorites. We will be happy to give your app a shout-out in our monthly community round-up.

Thanks to all the iOS app developers and publishers out there for getting in touch with us this month!

junaio Augmented Reality Browser (Free)

Appolicious user Metaio brings us the junaio Augmented Reality Browser from Metaio GmbH. junaio is an advanced augmented reality (AR) browser which offers users a new way to discover the world around them. With junaio, you can also scan in QR codes, check local offers, unlock augmented content within images and even play AR games using this sophisticated technology.

iTunes App Store link to junaio Augmented Reality Browser

Anytune (Free)

Appolicious user sckor brought this cool app to our attention from Anystone Technologies Inc. Anytune is a great app for musicians. It lets them slow down pieces of music so they can learn the correct pitch and learn to play it by ear, or simply transcribe tracks by slowing down the tempo. Users can share comments on tracks, import music from iTunes and try out the advanced Pro and HQ features before upgrading.

iTunes App Store link to Anytune

List Bliss (Free)

Thanks to Appolicious user dvyhnz for telling us about iOS app List Bliss, from inMarket Media LLC. List Bliss is a simple but powerful grocery and shopping list organizer which enables people to shop smarter and more efficiently. Lists are easily synced via the cloud and shareable among friends. The app allows for barcode scanning, remembers your favorite items and even helps you budget so you can see how much things will cost.

iTunes App Store link to List Bliss

Premier League 20 Seasons ($2.99)

With the start of the 2012-2013 English Premier League already underway, it’s timely that Appolicious user ElliotThomas brought us news of Premier League 20 Seasons from IMG Media Ltd. This app is great for soccer fans who want to relive the best moments of the first 20 seasons of the EPL. There are 100 classic video moments to enjoy as well as an interactive quiz to go along with each clip. See all the unforgettable goals and action with this football-filled app bonanza.

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iTunes App Store link to Premier League 20 Seasons

Best Road Trip Ever! ($0.99)

Appolicious user p3natalie introduced us to Best Road Trip Ever! This fun travel app could be an invaluable companion if you ever find yourself on a cross-country road trip in North America. It showcases quirky and offbeat destinations including eateries, funky art, and other roadside gems. Spice up your journey next time you’re on the open road with Best Road Trip Ever!

iTunes App Store link to Best Road Trip Ever!

BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore (Free)

From Appolicious user ilovekidsapps comes BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore. This handy app offers an extensive collection of interactive stories and educational games all available within a single location. The apps within are geared towards children from ages 1 to 12 and feature appealing HD graphics accompanied by professional narration. With tuneful and stimulating background music and user-friendly navigation, it’s easy to try out some free samples before you buy the full versions.

iTunes App Store link to BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore

DreamCat ($0.99)

Thanks to Appolicious user Velluminteractive for bringing their endless-runner game DreamCat to our attention. You play as Terrance the cat who’s caught in a dream world. You must help him eat all the cheeseburgers along the way. The game is fast paced and fun as you jump and dash over obstacles in your never-ending quest to eat more burgers! With Game Center leaderboard integration and cool Retina graphics, DreamCat is an enjoyable indie title.

iTunes App Store link to DreamCat

OvenBreak Infinity (Free)

Appolicious user daddyddevmonkey introduced us to OvenBreak Infinity from Devsisters Corp. In this cute and colorful running game/platformer (which is also great for kids), you must help the gingerbread man collect all the jelly beans or letters shown at the top of the screen to spell the word FREEDOM. You’ll be jumping gaps and sliding under obstacles as the action ramps up the longer you play. Watch a video review of the Android version of Ovenbreak right here.

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iTunes App Store link to OvenBreak Infinity

Wannabat Plus ($1.99)

Thanks to Appolicious user AppsAsia for showing us Wannabat Plus by developer vitusoft. This one-on-one online multiplayer game brings the action to the streets to present a unique urban take on baseball. Customize your pitcher or batter and face-off against the meanest, street-savvy players around in real-time. For every successful pitch or run scored, you’ll earn rewards and points leading to new skills, abilities and equipment.

iTunes App Store link to Wannabat Plus

Keri Racing (Free)

Appolicious user AppsAsia also introduced us to Keri Racing, this time from developer NEOWIZ Internet Corp. Keri Racing is a colorful social racing game that merges elements of time management, real-time racing and even RPG-inspired pet raising to keep gamers interested. You must build a business, grow crops, race against friends and feed/train Keri to keep him healthy. With 120 quests to complete, there’s plenty here to enjoy.

iTunes App Store link to Keri Racing

Leloca – Instant Nearby Deals (Free)

From Appolicious user jessicaprah comes Leloca – Instant Nearby Deals by Leloca LLC. The app allows people to save between 30 percent and 50 percent on fun places they’ve never tried, like restaurants and spas. It’s completely free and requires no pre-paid vouchers – you simply open the app, choose a nearby restaurant, and show them the code you received from Leloca on arrival. While Leloca only serves New York City right now, expect it to spread nationwide this fall.

iTunes App Store link to Leloca

Apple Avengers (Free)

Appolicious user Stingman let us know about the Apple Avengers from Selosoft, Inc. You take on the role of Fuji, a noble and daring young apple who absorbs legendary powers in a quest to save his family from the evil King Lumbricus and his army of Wild Wacky Worms. For free, you can play the first five levels, but a $0.99 in-app purchase enables you to enjoy five colorful and imaginative worlds with 55 levels to work through. With seven playable characters, 20 different enemies and five epic boss fights, Apple Avengers offers a lot of action and adventure.

iTunes App Store link to Apple Avengers

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