Favorite Utilities Nov. 2011

Oct 25, 2011

I couldn’t live without these apps. Check them out!

Original LS

This app is a part of the fuel for all of the #Occupy movements around the world. Yes, it’s slow at first, but once it loads, you can watch anyone streaming from anywhere in the world. Now, that’s cool! Enjoy!


Larry H. Parker

While this app is certainly an advertisement for the offices of Larry H., it is also extremely useful after a car accident. It is available in both English and Spanish. It includes step by step instructions and information about what to do if you have been injured and it stores your information in case of emergency. You can also take pictures. A great tool to have when you are frazzled.


3D Brain

An awesome aid, especially if you are just beginning to learn about the brain. This app includes 3D rotation for full perspective, all of the major areas of the brain and their functions. Highly Recommend!


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