Favorite Photo and Video Apps

Jan 18, 2011

The iPhone 4 is such a remarkable photo and video tool, and these are a few of the apps I have found that take it’s potential to new levels. Enjoy!

8mm Vintage Camera

Create beautiful replica videos in the style of those old, classic video cameras our dads used.



Great app for creating and sharing panoramic pics with an easy-to-use interface.



Powerful photo-editor for both the iPhone and iPad includes many tools more commonly found on higher end photo editors.


Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

Okay, it’s more of a productivity app than photo app, but it does turn your iPhone camera into a powerful, useful scanner.



Cool creative photo tool lets you choose from numerous simulated lenses, flashes, and film combinations. The results are really beautiful!


Qik Live

With this app and a membership on Qik’s website (free), the camera becomes a live broadcasting tool. Videos can also be archived on the site.


Splice – Video Editor

Helpful tool that lets you edit videos, add sounds, music, images, etc. right on the iPhone.



Nice app that adds functionality to the iPhone camera such as separate focus/exposure controls, fill flash, an enhanced digital zoom, and more.


Adobe Photoshop Express

One of the best free photo apps around, this app lets you apply filters, crop, adjust settings, apply borders and effects, and more.


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