Favorite MMO (Multiplayer) games – Free/Freemium

May 10, 2010

I like playing games that make are multiplayer for ipad, though im not much of a fan of FPS games (hence Eliminate not being on the list here) This is in no specific order

We Rule

Resembles Farmville somewhat.
Pros: Nice graphics, Plus+ network, Freemium, with push support
Cons: need to load when moving in and out of castles, which becomes tedious. Multiplayer only in the sense that you get more neighbors, but not much interaction


The World of Magic

Pros: Cutesy Graphics, have many quests, with chat support, Freemium
Cons: not really newbie friendly, took time to fumble around npcs, limited item space


Pocket Legends

Party Dungeons
Pros: Nice graphics, with chat support
Cons: No quests, Freemium (once you turn level 13 you need to buy the update to allow further leveling)


Charadium Free

pictionary. free ad-supported version
Pros: with chat support, various rooms with difficulty/topics, hints the longer its not guessed
Cons: it takes getting used to typing on landscape, so the fastest to tap have an edge.



Trivia, free ad-supported version (basically the same as Charadium only for trivia
Pros: Fun for people who love trivia
Cons: Quick typists have an edge, first guessers only get points, so if you have a bad net connection you can’t play this.



Pros: Openfeint support, Freemium, Guessing by multiple choice, so all who guess right get points
Cons: no chat support


Words With Friends

Scrabble, free ad-supported version
Pros: Can run multiple games with random people or with friends, with Push support, so you are notified when there are new moves, with chat support
Cons: i can’t think of any

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Zombie Farm

I actually got tired of this game, this is rather cute but is rather limited when you keep it free.


Social City

first app i saw that supports the facebook game.


Word Ace

Texas Holdem meets boggle(?)


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