Favorite iPad Games

Apr 19, 2012

These games are not iPad-only, but are more fun (at least for me) on the larger touch screen.


Zach Gage’s independent games are, without question, some of the most innovative in the App Store. SpellTower is one of my favorite word games, because each game you play has an END to it. It isn’t an endless back-and-forth (like in Words with Friends), and the single player Tower mode is very challenging.



Explore a breathtaking 3D environment as you guide a crow through missions that have serious repercussions on the game’s world. It’s beautiful, and the visuals really POP on the iPad 2.


Pinball HD Collection

Pinball is the PERFECT game for the iPad–it’s a combo that goes together like peanut butter and chocolate. Anyone who plays games on any iteration of the iPad should own this Pinball title, which is the best for your money.


Ticket to Ride

Based on the board game, Ticket to Ride is best played with a group of people. Pass and play makes this one a great pick for game night. It really cuts out the time you spend setting up the board and distributing pieces.



This is a super unique game that uses biological circadian rhythm as a premise. The gameplay is fascinating, challenging, and one of a kind.


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