Favorite games

Oct 15, 2010

Online strategy multiplayer and quick pick up games are my favorites.


Three races, multiple maps, and up to eight players, and despite unfair advantages due to players quitting mid game or the occasional cheaters, it’s hands down the best turn-based online multiplayer out there.


Zombie Highway

Multitasking fun involving zombies in a post apocalyptic world, quick loading games don’t get better than this in my opinion.


Chess With Friends

Clean interface and online matches, avoid the free version, the ads are annoying. The app unfortunately doesn’t have a rating system, so you can be paired with complete newbies or the guy who stomps all over you. Fun nonetheless.



Fast online multiplayer strategy game, every game is different. Anything can happen, and it can all happen simultaneously and fast!


Dead Runner

Also a quick loader, love barely squeezing through trees at breakneck speeds. The creepy atmosphere puts this above other games in the same genre.


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