Favorite Games October 2010

Sep 24, 2010

Download these excellent games! If you usually like my picks, you will not be disappointed.


The music, concept, and graphics in Aftermath are incredible. Follow the arrows to navigate the course, shine your light, and pick up weapons as instructed. Seriously, I felt like I was on my Playstation. Highly Recommend!


Hungry Shark – Part 1

Eat all of the fish and steer clear of rocks to keep the Shark alive and healthy. Stay away from the jellyfish because they are “YUCK,” but if you can catch a “dinner date” they’re worth extra points! Use the boost button to speed after your prey! This game is a lot of fun and the graphics and controls are impressive!


Pirate Nation

Wow. Pirate Nation. I felt like I was playing a Playstation or an Xbox game on my iphone. The music and the graphics are incredible. The app does run slowly at first, but once you get through the registration and tutorial it’s smooth sailing. Very addictive!


Harbor Master FREE

Draw a path through the ocean to steer the boats safely to a slip. Be careful not to crash! This is a simple game and I like the music.


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