Favorite Games March 2011

Feb 13, 2011

If you usually like my picks, try these.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Lite Edition

This is one of my favorite games for iphone so far this year! It has an excellent narrative, keen graphics, and a witty sense of humor. Operate on the patient and save their life. Be careful not to run out of time, because you know what that means . . .Highly Recommend!


Doodle Army Boot Camp

A really well done action packed battle game with a fun narrative. I love the graphics! Just a warning, this game is not really for kids. There is a lot of blood and the objective is to complete the course and kill the enemy while collecting purple hearts.


Sky Burger – Build & Match Food Free

Catch the ingredients from the sky to make the requested burger. Fun! Also, I love the music!


Drake’s Tower

Defend the tower against attacking zombies. As you get better you earn new weapons and new levels unlock. You can also make the game more challenging by changing your shooting mode. You can choose tap, manual, or show. Fun!


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