Favorite Games July 2010

Jul 4, 2010

If you like my taste in games, then you’ll love these apps!

Babo Crash HD

I would have to agree with the statement that this is like “Bejeweled on steroids”. The addition of the heroes, bombs, and chompi’s make the game much more exciting and intense. Excellent sound effects!


F.A.S.T. — Fleet Air Superiority Tactics!

I love this flight simulator. It took awhile to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, I was very addicted! I felt like a real pilot!


iAssociate 2

This word association game is not for the weak minded and it requires a fair amount of concentration and time. Once you’ve cracked a word or two, the feeling of satisfaction is a well earned respite to the many moments of frustration you will experience.


Puzzling Penguins Lite

This is a really neat strategy game where you have to help the penguin through the hole in the ice. You have to arrange the pieces given to you in order to avoid the barriers and move to the next level! Be careful, it’s slippery!


Tap Tap Revenge 3

My fingers hurt from playing this game. I wonder if it’s helping me become a better guitarist or percussionist. I highly doubt that, but I like to think it because I can’t stop playing. Highly Addictive!


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