Favorite Games April 2010

Apr 30, 2010

If you like the same apps that I do, check out my favorite game apps for April 2010!

Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE)

It’s air hockey on your iphone. You can play one player or two player. My only complaint is the iphone’s small surface area. This game is probably better on the Ipad, especially if you are playing with two people. Be careful, your fingers might get sore.


Touch Physics Lite

I failed physics in high school, but always felt like I intuitively understood it. Now, I’m positive that’s the case. This is a great intro to the pro version, which is also definitely worth it!


TicTacTouch Lite

Who doesn’t love tic-tac-touch? I’m a huge fan of classic games and I feel great not wasting paper. They should call it tic-tac-touch- the green version.


Spill Da’ Milk™ – The Classic Boardwalk Game of Bottle Toss

Throw the ball and knock the bottles of milk over. Believe it or not, it’s tons of fun and highly addictive. You can also collect stuffed animals as prizes and put them on your virtual shelf. If at first it’s hard, just keep trying until your finger acquires the finesse to throw the ball at the target. There is also a list of high scorers I hope to be on soon.



Three different tones to choose from and tons of fun!


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