Favorite Digital Storytelling Apps

Jun 22, 2011

Sometimes every picture tells a story

SonicPics Lite

For a free app, it’s pretty cool to be able to add pictures and record over them. Though the full version is more flexible, as a first time app, it’s pretty cool!



3 simple steps- create a story, open story, and share story. Easy, breezy, cool! The ease of use of this one is great for students and novices!



This is a great app for Social Stories or for retelling about one’s day. This is more interactive as well, where the user has to tap the picture. Pretty cool!



Sparking imagination and recording-what could be better? Drawing your own scenes of course! What I love the most is that Toontastic explicitly lists the elements of the story arc-great curriculum support!! It’s fun to use too!


PlayTime Theater

This totally sparks the imagination! However, I’m looking forward to seeing more scenes involved other than a castle, it’s still a cool app, and mimics the “theater”.


Animoto Videos

Why, you can animate any video-how cool is that? This is great for older students that are looking for a unique way to display their work. Add music, audio, still or video images-and you’ve got something different and fun.


Pictello – Talking visual story creator

This is the most expensive of the apps, but it is pretty powerful. You can have a picture with 5 lines of text, record sound, or text-to speech. This app is the most customizable to meet a variety of learning needs. Very cool!

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