Favorite Apps July 2010

Jul 5, 2010

These are my favorite apps for July 2010.

tvtag – formerly GetGlue

I like the idea that I can “check in” with this app and it will give me a prize or stickers as well as good recommendations for other media I might like. Also, it works with Twitter and Facebook. It is also easy to interact with other users. It’s kind of like making friends via Amazon recommendations and then communicating with them via the Facebook wall or Twitter feed. My only question is, what exactly are they planning to do with all of our information?


Graffiti Spray Can

This app is very realistic, except you won’t get arrested for defacing public property. Choose a background to work on, color, and size of your nozzle, and spray away. You also have the option to erase and save your images as photos. Ahhhhh, nothing like the sound of a spray paint can. And no noxious fumes!


I’mma Let U Finish

Poor Kanye. WIll he ever live this moment down? All of the statements start with I’mma let you finish . . . . And then you have a choice such as “better than bacon”. So one example is “I’mma let you finish but this app is better than bacon!” My favorite is “I’mma let you finish, but not before I interrupt you a few more times!” Ha!


Second Opinion

This is a neat app that allows you to do exactly what it advertises. You can ask any question and post a picture and people will vote on a yes/no/not sure basis. After you vote, it will reveal the highest percentage answer. Cool. Although, I could do without the pictures of girls asking if they need to lose 10 pounds. 67% say no. I don’t know if that figure includes my vote.

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