Favorite Apps from Corporate Sponsors 2011

May 22, 2011

From Toyota to Conde Naste to Tide, some of these corporations do make useful and helpful apps. An app with a brand and a solid reputation deserves a mention. Enjoy!

A glass of water

This is one of my favorite branded/corporate apps. It was designed by Toyota to help make you a better driver. The concept is simple. Put your iPhone on the dashboard of your car and drive. It calculates your fuel consumption against the amount of water you have “spilled” The less water you spill while driving, the better your fuel consumption. A sharp turn or sudden acceleration not only uses up more gas, but it also causes more water to spill out of the virtual cup. I’m not sure if the correlation has been scientifically proven, but I’ve found this tool helps keep me aware of my driving especially in the jungles of LA traffic. Highly Recommend!


Good Housekeeping @Home

Excellent information on stain busting as well as all purpose cleaning. Learn how to clean baked-on food, acrylic and glass surfaces, computers, counter-tops and cooking utensils.


The CarbLovers DIET from Health Magazine

Say what? Oh yes, you can eat carbs and still be on a diet! This app has excellent ideas for meals and you can also track what you eat! Pasta included.


Daily Gift from Deepak Chopra

“Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.” Taken advantage of Deepak Chopra’s daily insights for free. Inspirational.


ELLE Astrology Daily

As far as horoscope apps go, I like this one because it is simple and thorough. Worth the Download.


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