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Aug 23, 2011

Tap into your inner supermodel and let these apps help you with your wardrobe and outfit choice!


One of my favorite things in the movie Clueless is the computer that Cher uses to pick her outfits. This app basically does just that. You input your closet by either taking pictures or copying images from the internet then you are able to flick your way around your closet with total ease and save outfits you know rock. Awesome app!


My Fashion Assistant

With your My Style account you take pictures of all your clothes so you can look through your closet without making a mess. A solid app if you don’t mind setting up an account!


triMirror Fashion Closets

Think you have the fashion know how to put together smashing outfits and want to show off? Or are you not sure if those pinstripe pants go with that purple blouse? Use this app to get feedback and enter fashion contests.


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