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Oct 26, 2010

I am a diehard fantasty sports fanatic who likes to be prepared. To help me prepare, I have accumulated a few apps that help me make the best decisions for my various fantasy teams.

Bloomberg Sports Front Office Baseball 2010

This app saves me a tremendous amount of time when making my fantasy baseball lineup decisions for the week. It takes a rather sophisticated approach to statistical analyitics while also being easy to use and simple to understand. I no longer fret over who to play, this app makes it easy.


Decision Maker – Football ’10

Like the Bloomberg fantasy baseball app, the football decision maker app makes tough lineup decision a breeze. I like how it give you analytics on the “safe” play and the “longshot” play.


Yahoo Sports

This is simply the best free app for checking scores and stats from all your favorite pro sports and teams. I am glued to this app on Sundays during football season, checking the live stats of my fantasy players. It is also great for keeping track of college football scores and even the English Premier League!


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