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Feb 21, 2010

My team went 8-0 for the first 8 weeks last year I know this stuff.

Fantasy Football 09/10

I know it will be out of date in a couple months, but you need a league to play fantasy football.


Fantasy Football Cheatsheet ’09

Once again it’s almost out of date, but for next year you don’t won’t to go out drafting “Rex Grossman Jaguars Defense and Michael Crabtree”. You want good players and players who are playing because they get enough money. Get this app to get good players.


Fantasy Football Draft Guide 09 – Cheat Sheet & Draft Tool

Now you know which players are fresh off the grill (and fresh off the frying pan) now it’s time to draft. Use this app to make a successful draft.


Fantasy Football Advisor

This is another app that will help you with your team. It shows you good ideas for your team like not starting injured players.


Chad Ochocinco: Official App

(For people who have Chad Ochocinco) O.K. You’ve drafted and you end up with Ochocinco the first few weeks he’s shaky. With this app you can check if he’s really practicing or if he’s eating a quarter pounder at Mcdonalds.


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