Fan Apps 2010

Nov 23, 2010

From celebrities, to tech geeks, to rockstars, to Youtubers, here are my favorite fan apps! What are yours?

Are You a True Kobe Fan?

I always thought Kobe was an arrogant fool, but last night I saw “Kobe Doin’ Work” directed by Spike Lee. I was truly impressed with his knowledge, passion, and love for the game. He seemed very humble and respectful. Maybe he’s just gotten a bad wrap in the press?


Dave Matthews Band

Everything you need to know to keep up with Dave Matthews Band right on your phone. It includes shows, news, photos, media and several ways to connect with other fans. A great fan app!



If you love Madonna, then this app is a must have. Videos, photos, news, and show info . . . What could be better?


Margaret Cho

If you love Margaret Cho, this app is a must have! Direct access to all of her Youtube videos, free music, tour dates, news, and photos. She’s hilarious!


nin: access

Everything you wanted to know about Nine Inch Nails and more! I find that most fan apps are very comprehensive including this one. It’s a must have if you’re a NIN fan!


Pearl Jam

This is the best Pearl Jam app out there for serious fans. Videos, concert dates, forums, rare footage . . . everything. Interact and exchange info with other die-hards. It’s awesome!


Willie Nelson & Family

Do you love Willie Nelson? If you do, this app is for you! It includes live recordings (although I think the quality could be a bit better) tour dates, news, videos, and as much real time music and information that is humanly possible. A must have for Willie Nelson fans!


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