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Published by Kevin Chau on Trivia

For several different reasons, the process of reading news has been experiencing a general decline which is evidently witnessed through the falling news readership of both online and physical news content. This can be widely attributed to the lack of engagement that is associated with reading where content is simply consumed and forgotten very quickly.

Contrast to this, the development in social networks and technology has been able to bring the world community closer together as news of one event can be followed and read in a matter of minutes from anywhere in the world. This disconnect between the growing importance of the news and the declining readership indicates an opportunity for apps which are able to reconcile the two. Newsmeister: A Daily News Trivia Quiz, for example, effectively bridges the gap between the two trends through gamifying the news content for greater retention of information.

Beyond just having the ability to be quizzed on news that is available on that particular day, older news questions are also made available so that players can be tested on previous news. Although Newsmeister adds a unique aspect to the realm of consuming news, the process of keeping up with the news is one which is often regarded as boring and time consuming, creating a barrier for those who are already time-strapped.

In this regard, the time that is required to keep up with the news and simultaneously play the game can create retention issues, especially for those who are casual, less frequent news readers. For instance, even with the game, players still have manually keep up-to-date on current events in order to maintain their high score, ultimately leading to a high degree of time investment which may hinder the overall experience. However, the gamification of the entire news reading process makes it an activity that is highly engaging and removes the stigma associated with consuming news content. For example, being presented with only multiple choice questions, the amount of time that a player needs to play the game is reduced. Furthermore, the competitive nature of the app encourages players to return in order to defend their score.

As an app which facilitates effective new content consumption, Newsmeister is a must have for new and returning news readers. Effectively countering the decline in readership of news-based content, Newsmeister couples the realm of gaming with news information in order to make keeping up with current events more engaging. Through the use of multiple choice questions on several news categories, players are able to compete with one another in order to obtain the high score while simultaneously being kept up-to-date with the latest events.