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May 17, 2010

As a mother, writer, gentlewoman farmer, owner of 7 dogs and 3 horses, runner and avid film goer, my spare time is VERY valuable to me. That precious time is usually spent with my nose buried in a word game. In the pre-digital world, I use to digest every crossword puzzle, cryptogram and jumble I could find.

Now I have an iPhone to access all kinds of word games. The list compiled below is from 14 months of hands on research by someone who knows word games. (Note: I have scored over 17 million (yes, million) in desktop version Bookworm, TWICE!) The games I have collected here fill my spare moments with great pleasure.

I will only recommend those games I believe to be worthwhile of your time and money. I left out the Text Twists, Scrabbles, Crosswords and Jumble apps in order to focus on new, innovative games. Those are worthy games to play, too.

I would love for you to add your games in the comments below. There are never enough games to be played.

Words With Friends Pro

I realize everyone talks about how great this game is. It’s only scrabble. What I like about it is the pass and play option. My husband is a brainiac and keeps me on my toes. The graphics are good, the dictionary fair and the chat feature fun (for when I play my husband remotely). There are some serious lagging issues with the game, occasional freeze ups and glitches, but I’m here to play games not fix code.


WordSnake…Words Without Borders

A gem of a game for Scrabble players. Whereas Words With Friends is traditional Scrabble, WordSnake is flat out fun game play with a Scrabble feel. You get maps instead of a board and animated obstacles and shortcuts as you build words one letter at a time. And boy do they give you letters. 130 of them (Scrabble has 100). They even have double-letter tiles. The object is to build a word bridge to connect Elmer the WordSnake to his sweetheart. The graphics are great, the dictionary is generous and the help menus are good. The levels of difficulties are determined by how far you have to build your bridge. This is a must have 5-Star game for word puzzlers.



Tripletters feels like you’re on a game show. It is wild fun. You are given three letters that must be in the words you build. You can use them more than once for bonus points. The scoring and rules of the game are a bit complicated, but the game is so much fun, who cares. The best part is there is no clock to rush my dizzy brain. Another must in your arsenal of word games.

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Scruzzle Word – Revolutionary Word Puzzles

Not sure what a Scruzzle is, but the game is very well done. It’s like playing Crosswords with all the squares already filled with letters. You use the clues to figure out which letters to swap to make your words. There is a clock, but not a countdown clock that can end your game. This is an excellent twist for Crossword fanatics. There are different levels of difficulty and lots of new puzzles. 5-Stars all the way.



This is another Crossword/Scrabble mix type game in which you choose from one of 10 configuration to build words in sequence from 8 letters. You really have to plan in this game which makes it a wonderful challenge. It has an optional countdown clock which I always turn off. This is a favorite of mine while I wait for my tea to boil.



I use to be a MOXIE-holic back in the day. Moxie was a great start for word gaming on my iPhone. I even was ranked 11th in the world at one time. Now I’m in love with Woffo, which is like Moxie with added direction and lots of wild cards. This could be the best word puzzle game of the bunch. You really have to plan the placement of your letters, prepare for the worse (or best) with the wild cards and go for those Woffos. A Woffo is when you have four words horizontally or vertically. Do both at the same time and you get a Super Woffo. I have done that 5 times, and let me brag on that because it is extremely hard. Get this game and see what I am talking about.

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This game is for people (like me) who aren’t satisfied with just building words, finding words or twisting words. This game is for puzzlers who like to rack their brain on how to get the most words made on a sliding board without ruining other words. Imagine making words on a Rubik’s Cube.


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