Evonne’s Guilty pleasure and entertainment list

Sep 6, 2010

I want to warn you, this list is dangerous. It’s dangerous because Evonne is the queen of all things multimedia. It’s dangerous because if Evonne finds it entertaining you’ll likely become a strung out junky, clinging on to your phone in some dark, damp corner waiting for your next chance to level up in that game.

It’s dangerous because, well, Evonne is dangerous, but in a totally good way!


OK, this list will likely only become addictive to you if you’re world tends to shake too much. Evonne lives in LA so her world shakes a bit too often for most to handle. This app told her about the somewhat recent Mexico earthquake and let her know if she needed to run for cover or just hold on. Worth it for those of us whose world shakes more than we’d like.


Real Estate by Trulia – Homes for Sale, Apartments for Rent & Open Houses

If you’ve ever searched for real estate you know that it can be addictive. Why wait until you get to a computer to find that newly posted house or piece of land when you can look while on the go on your phone. I’m glad that I’m not in that buying state right now as I already have a few too many phone addictions.



You’ve seen this app in the adds. Bump your phones together and you’re connected. Perfect for networking events. I should get it but I suspect my friends and friends to be would prefer me not bothering them to know if they have the bump app.



I think Evonne had to really reach deep to want to tell me that she uses this app. We all would have to, but here’s the thing, they have better, more up to date accurate news than other sources. Someone holding people hostage somewhere? TMZ will give you the info quicker than any other place. Sure, you might want to hide the icon so people won’t know you have it, but you’ll still be more in the know than others without your willingness to stoop a bit for the most current news.

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This game is evil. Evonne is good at picking those games that will be far too addicting and far to entertaining. I should have never asked someone so interesting what her favorite apps are. Lesson learned. Oh, and can you add me on godfinger so I can level up please? Thanks.


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