Even the Worst Weather Won’t Bug You with WeatherBug, Arguably the Best Weather App for iPhone

Dec 8, 2016

We have reached a point in time where, thanks to our technological advancements, we are able to predict the weather with an accuracy that is much closer to being perfectly reliable than to being as unreliable as a compass in the Bermuda triangle. Keeping yourself constantly updated on the expected weather conditions at all times is instrumental, as it influences many areas of your everyday life, including your outfit, the means of transport you opt for to commute to work, your leisure time activities, and your traveling decisions. Just like video killed the radio star back in the day, weather apps killed conventional weather forecasts, and consequently, a wide range of weather apps are now at your disposal. Choosing the most trustworthy weather predicting companion from this multifarious bunch can be tasking, but WeatherBug is so far above its competition, that once you start using it, you’ll never want to use any other weather app.

To prove that we’re not making supposed facts out of thin air and us singing WeatherBug’s praises is not a solo act but rather a choir performance, do the following. Visit the App Store, search for WeatherBug, and gaze in amazement at the miracle-like rarity that is a five-star rating with over 1500 votes cast for the app’s latest update. In an overly critical age, we would think that it’s borderline impossible, but, as the results show, it is very much real. Now let’s look at the reasons for this App Store miracle – meaning what WeatherBug brings to the weather predicting table.

First and foremost, it delivers real-time pinpoint forecasts with an array of options, as it pertains to period of time and location. Current, hourly, and 10-day forecasts are all available for more than 2.6 million locations worldwide, so even if you have retreated to a deserted island, with WeatherBug, you’ll know exactly when to set sail in case you’d like to return to civilization.

WeatherBug also has an array of interactive maps – 18 of them to be exact – visualizing weather conditions (wind, lightning, pressure, temperature, humidity, and many more) in a professional, comprehensive, and easily understandable way. But the best thing about WeatherBug – which we presume is the main reason for all the five-star ratings – is that it’s much more than a weather app, and its complexity shows itself in features that we seldom see in the context of similar applications. One of these features is called Lifestyle Forecasts. Lifestyle Forecasts informs you on how weather will impact your workouts, your sports games, your, for instance, chronic back pain that tends to surface in high humidity, and even your migraine, allowing you to prepare with the necessary preventing measures.

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To further increase WeatherBug’s versatility, it comes equipped with real-time traffic conditions, and, what’s more relevant and especially more useful for people living in areas characterized by unstable weather conditions, Spark Lightning Alerts and a Hurricane Center. Spark Lightning Alerts serves as your very own lightning detector, delivering minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lighting proximity alerts to keep you out of harm’s way, while Hurricane Center brings you all the hurricane-related news and forecasts you need to stay safe even in the grimmest weather conditions.

Taking everything into account, WeatherBug boasts the largest weather network in the world, which includes the largest total lightning detection network, data collected from more than 1,000 professional-grade weather stations, and multitudes of live weather and traffic cameras. WeatherBug also brings you the fastest severe weather alerts with a feature called Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts as well as National Weather Service watches and warnings. Downloading and using WeatherBug is free, the only in-app purchase is aimed at removing ads, and costs only $2.99. What else could we say: start bugging!

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