Europe Apps Part 2

Feb 24, 2012

I’ll be traveling to Europe later this year for my birthday. These are the apps I’ll be taking with me to help with language, transportation, staying in contact with love ones at home and all the other tasks you need to accomplish while traveling.

Wi-Fi Finder

No wifi finder is awesome but at least this one works when you’re not connected to the web, because really, if you’re looking for wifi it means you don’t currently have it. For those who are traveling and not rich enough to pay for roaming you’ll need this app to find you a connection.


Lonely Planet Italian Phrasebook

It doesn’t have everything but you don’t need everything. These phrasebooks will help you get around, get a place to stay and find food.


Lonely Planet French Phrasebook

Same thing as the Italian one but for French. These apps are all mostly the same, and they all work offline which makes them incredibly useful.


Lonely Planet German Phrasebook

Yeah, you get the point. Same thing, in German. I likely won’t be going to Spain but if I were I’d simply use the free Mexican Spanish phrasebook that comes with the base lonely planet app. It’s not quite the same but should be able to get me by.


Point Inside Maps for Airports & Malls

I always think I don’t need something like this until I’m stuck in an airport for an extended period of time. I want to know what my food options are before I resign myself to something horrible. This app works great to find you all your options and is more accurate than other apps I’ve tried.

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