Essential apps for my West Coast trip in early June

Jun 6, 2010

These are the apps I’m heavily using on my Bay Area tour this week. They’ve become essential with keeping up on news, going to meetings, and being productive with an iPad versus dragging along my laptop.


Don’t leave home without setting it up on your iMac or PC. Instantly access your documents


Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone

The quintessential RSS collection agent for all your reading material


WeatherBug for iPad

Gotta check the weather when you travel. Explained the delays in DFW on my way out West. The radar tracks better than the Weather Channel’s iPad app too!


GoodReader Lite for iPhone

Great for PDFs and works well with Dropbox too!



I can get by with it when I’m on the road with just the iPad. It’s not perfect, but I can still post a decent article or two each day.


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