Essential Apps for a Location Photographer

Aug 15, 2012

I’m a photographer and app developer. My list is of the apps that I find useful day to day as a photographer. I hope that this stimulates others to suggest things to me I haven’t heard of. Also as an app developer I want to encourage the app developers that created these great apps. I know how much they have put into them.


Very accurate weather forecasts, particularly if using the premium upgrade. Well worth it for a location photographer


The Photographer’s Ephemeris – Sun, Moon and Night Photography Planning For Outdoor Photographers

So clever, so well designed, and the A superb shoot planning aid to know where the sun or moon will be at any time in the future. Beautifully made as well as great to use.


Tides Planner

Indispensible when shooting around the coastline and needing to get down near the water. Coupling this with the Photographers Ephemeris allows working out that difficult combination of light availability and sea level


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