Epic Action

Aug 1, 2010

As the name suggest, this combination of apps will be sure to give you 300 hours of gameplay MINIMUM!
Since i love games of genres, action, adventure, role player, simulation, strategy and FPS this is my list of my best apps.

N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

This is, of all my months of experience with my iPod, the best FPS game. Its fast paced with intense action anygame play. Gun down your friends and other gamers online with Gameloft LIVE!


Modern Combat: Sandstorm

This application is very similar to the classic FPS computer game, Counter Strike. Its graphics are very well designed but secondary to N.O.V.A. With a Gameloft LIVE account, you can also team/solo play with other players worldwide


Gameloft Action Pack

Games Included: Blades of Fury, Brothers in Arms and Hero of Sparta

This is truly an action pack at a very affordable price.



Its arcade style is simple and easy to game with. However, it is slightly pricy and slow paced.



The classic game has finally been brought to the iPhone. Being a huge fan of the PC game i definately think everyone should get. This app can also be played via wifi and bluetooth. Just like street fighter, this app is slightly overpriced…



The most epic team death match ever! 5-on-5 action with minimal lag even with a ping of up to 400! Nice and detailed map complete with sweet weapons, easy navigation…BAM! There you go, a perfect multiplayer FPS game! becoz of the 5v5..:)


Dungeon Hunter

This RPG game is excellent for killing time equipped with a exciting storyline. Filled with 3 characters to choose from and many variations of skill and magic! This game is set to get you going for a long long time

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