Entering the Political Arena with ElectionWarz

Nov 2, 2016

The United States Presidential Election continues to get heated up as the deadline for voting gets closer. As a result, many cartoons, memes, and stories are created based on the two leading candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. This has extended to even encompass mobile games which have starred the nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties.

ElectionWarz, developed by Blue Angel Games, is one such example of an app that is based on the presidential candidates for iOS.

To ensure authenticity with the game, the developers have taken the necessary measures to accurately reflect the Presidential Election heat that exists between the candidates. Although the underlying concept of the game is simple, the task of stopping either candidate from gaining control of the White House in order to save the country is an interesting one. In light of criticism towards both candidates, the ability to stop either from becoming the President offers a lighthearted satirical message for both nominees.


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Upon opening the app, players are provided with the responsibility of stopping the zombie version of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump from taking over. However, players can select different roles prior to starting the game. For example, players can become BerningMan, Trumpinatorer, Killary or several other former presidents of the country to proceed with the mission such as battling their way across the country to destroy the zombie threat. While going across the country, players will be able to unlock demographics death matches, primaries battlegrounds, and even general elections where more battles can be executed.

The weapons provided to the players of ElectionWarz to fight against zombies also represent the tactics used by both parties during the Presidential debates. In fact, the five different types of weapons that are provided to the players include the Vilification Flamethrower, Libel Rocket Gun, Slander, Hecklers Rifle, and Pistol of Insults. The weaponized version of the verbal battleground that viewers witnessed during the debates introduces a humorous aspect to the game. At the end of the day, the players will have to fight with the ultimate bosses who include the Illuminati, Lady Liberty, and Uncle Sam. Upon winning these battles, players have the opportunity to put an end to the madness and take aggression over politics.

To many, politics offers very little in terms of entertainment value and hence are drawn away from such a game based on the politics of the United States. Although it is true that the nature of politics is boring and unstimiluting, gamification of the political arena is made entertaining with ElectionWarz as it continues to add new features, characters, and characteristics of the nominees. As the election date draws closer, the game continues to grow in popularity as more attention is given to the final outcome. However, after the elections are completed, the relevance of the game is questionable although still highly entertaining as the political battleground in the United States cools down.

ELECTION WARZ Trailer One: Politics is Just a Game

ELECTION WARZ Trailer One: Politics is Just a Game . Download now in the AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/electionwarz-presidential/id1107001766?mt=8

A social aspect to the game, the scoring mechanism, is done in the form of a score board that can be either organized by state or country. With this, players are provided with the ability to watch and enter the polls. As the game contains fantasy or mild cartoon violence, it is more suitable for individuals who are at least 12 years of age. For those who are closely following the elections in the United States, ElectionWarz offers an entertaining game that is directed towards the criticism of both candidates. Especially relevant prior to the actual voting, players are given the task of stopping either presidential candidates from gaining power which is exciting for those who are against the idea of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump becoming president.

Election Warz Bonus Codes

Code — Unlocks

2nd Amendment — MachineGun
FeelTheBern — Berning Man
PresidentsVsZombies — All Presidents Bundle
HastaLaVistaBaby — Trumpinator
HillForPOTUS — Killary
HelloWorld — World 1 & 2

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