Enlight – Turn Photo Editing Into a Form of Art

Oct 4, 2016

Editing photos has long not been the privilege of professional Photoshop wizards, one of the reasons being that due to the worldwide domination of smartphones, almost everyone has access to hundreds of apps providing all the photo editing features you need to fine-tune or alter your images. Despite the latter fact, getting the desired results might require more of your time than you’re willing to put in on account of having to use multiple apps to wholly achieve what you’ve set out to do. With Enlight, a Swiss army knife of an app that is the undisputed number one in its category,  photo editing becomes an art form, and everyone becomes an artist.

Behind Enlight’s sleek, easy-on-the-eyes design lies a photo editing app so powerful that some of its features might be capable of putting more polished and less wallet-friendly competitors to shame. Even if you don’t agree with the latter statement, you definitely need to take note of the juxtaposition of Enlight’s simple-to-use nature and the complex photo editing tasks it is able to perform.

For starters, the intelligent photo correction toolkit gives you the ability to touch up your pictures with only a few taps or swipes, including repairing under- and overexposure, bringing out lost details, reducing noise, and flawlessly removing defects. Enlight also brings you a set of power tools with which you can take full control over your photos and modify them any way you want to. Reshaping, bloating, or shrinking particular objects in the photo? Check. An assortment of tilt shifts to shift focus? Yup. Multi-channel curves allowing you to alter image tonality? Sure. Universal masking for the ultimate control over every effect? Why not?!

To assist you in achieving image perfection, Enlight empowers you with precise and selective control over the ever-important trio of color, tone, and details, while the built-in masking within every tool guarantees that the effects you apply are seamlessly blended.

If you’re into old school photography, you’ll be delighted to hear that Enlight boasts a set of analog filters with which you can recreate the timeless style of vintage cameras and film, and in case that’s still not enough for you, there’s an entire collection of tools dedicated to black and white photography made up of darkroom-inspired techniques, beautiful presets for photo conversion, and matching effects such as fade, film intensity, and grain.

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With Enlight’s photo mixer feature, creating surrealistic results by overlaying or merging images is as easy as splashing paint on a canvas was for Jackson Pollock. Crop options are also aplenty: rotate, flip, or straighten depending on the task at hand, or change the perspective and make it seem like as if your photos were taken from a different angle.

You can add personalized, decorative touches to your projects by writing, drawing, or doodling directly on the image, by customizing details like borders, frames, and text, and last not least by sprucing up your latest masterpiece with decals and special effects.

Talking of masterpieces, Enlight, despite its apparent flaws often reported in user reviews, is a work of art that’s easily worth $3.99, as it is an outstandingly multifaceted photo editor capable of performing complex tasks for which you would need either apps galore or would have to call upon good old Photoshop, which is, as we all know, exponentially more complicated to master. In 2015, Enlight took home a galore of accolades, including being selected as the App Store’s App of the Year in the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, China, and India, becoming the number one photo and video app in 128 countries, and finishing as the list-topping paid app in 121 countries; thus even though Enlight is far from being perfect, it still is one of the best ever in its category, and has the numbers and awards to back up that claim.

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