Enjoying Experiences on a Budget with iOS Apps

Sep 17, 2017

A significant amount of value can be derived from memorable experiences when compared to material goods. Often, it is recommended that money be used towards experiences as opposed to purchasing belongings which are meant for short-term pleasure. With the intent of obtaining more life-long memories, the apps is this article list various ways in which users can enjoy more experiences while on a budget from concerts to trips. Through these tools, costly vacations and activities can more easily be obtained to provide long-lasting memories.

Cheap Flights & Hotel Deals – Cheapflights

Often, it can be extremely pricey to go on vacations as a result of the transportation and accommodation costs. In order to make vacations more accessible, Cheapflights is an app which locates and notifies its users of when there is a cheap flight available to the destination of their choice. As opposed to having to book through a travel agency which may take a commission, the app is free to use and always sources the cheapest flights from all of the airlines. Beyond flights, the app also finds the cheapest accommodations and hotels in the date range that is specified by the user. While there are other existing apps which also find inexpensive flights and hotels, the value of Cheapflights is that is presents bundles of flights and hotels at a cheaper price than what they would be individually so that users can get a bundle deal. Through this, the app is a one-stop shop for all travel needs and is therefore one of the best apps for making travelling and new experiences more accessible.

SeatGeek – Tickets to Sports, Concerts & Broadway

Attending concerts, sports events, and other performances is a highly recommended way to embrace the notion of experiences instead of material goods. However, it is often assumed that these events have some degree of exclusivity as a result of the prices which restricts many people from attending. With the SeatGeek app, the best seats can be acquired with a ranking of how good the deals are so that users can gauge if they are getting the best value for their purchase. Furthermore, users are able to get the most recommended events based on their preferences and choices so that they are shown only the shows that they are most likely to attend. One of the best features of SeatGeek is that it shows what the view will look like from the seat of the venue for nearly all possible seats of most venues. With this, there are no surprises when attending and users have a good gauge as to what they will be seeing. Given the ability to buy, sell, or gift tickets straight from the app, SeatGeek is a highly recommended tool for being able to enjoy more live experiences.

SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Effortless

Love going to see sports and concerts but don’t trust online ticket websites? Welcome to SeatGeek, the search engine designed to make ticket-buying a painless and fun experience! We’ve just launched a series of in-house videos, which will give you the full rundown of what we do–and hopefully put a smile on your face.

Eventbrite – Local Events & Fun Things To Do Near Me

For a wide range of activities, Eventbrite aggregates nearly all events into a single app that users can choose from. For instance, from classes to concerts, anything that a user wants to do can be selected in the local area in a matter of seconds. With the ability to see what peers and friends may be doing as well as personalize the experience by selecting the category a user is interested in, Eventbrite can significantly increase the value of enjoying new experiences. As an end-to-end solution that is designed for ease-of-use, the entire process of finding, purchasing, getting the information, and presenting the tickets is done right on the app so that the hassle of printing tickets is not required. To maximize the value of the experiences, Eventbrite is one of the best apps available for finding a variety of activities to do in the local area with a high degree of ease.

Eventbrite Organizer App — You’re in Charge

Download the app now: iOS: http://bit.ly/EventbriteOrganizerAppIOS Android: http://bit.ly/EventbriteOrganizerAppAndroid Get more info at: http://eventbrite.com/l/Organizer-check-in-app/ The Eventbrite Organizer app is your one-stop shop for managing sales and attendees on your mobile device. Monitor real-time ticket sales, check-in attendees, track attendance live, and accept fast, secure payment for tickets and merchandise on-site.


In order to make more meaningful connections and build more memorable experiences, Meetup is an app designed for meeting new people. Whether meeting those who are within the same professional industry or those who have similar interests, the app makes it simple to connect to others in the area by allowing its users to join existing groups or create their own so that others may join. Be engaging with those who have similar interests, it is significantly easier to find common experiences that users can partake in as a group. Given the vastness of available groups and niches that are available, it is highly likely that anybody who joins can quickly find a Meetup group that they join without the awkwardness associated with meeting complete strangers. With like-minded individuals meeting up, users can do the activities that they are passionate about while simultaneously meeting with others, making Meetup one of the best experience-based apps available.

Yuggler, activities for kids and family fun

For those with children, finding activities that are both fun and engaging can be a difficult task to keep everyone entertained. With Yuggler, experiences that are catered for children can be found nearby that is tailored to the each and every individual. For example, whether the children are interested in animals or food, are boys or girls, and at any age, there are a significant number of activities that are automatically located using either GPS input or a user specified location. Through mechanisms such as the ability to see the top rated choices and bookmark different activities, Yuggler is one of the best experience-based apps that is dedicated to a younger, more family oriented audience. Given that this is one of the limited number of tools that are designed for families and kids, Yuggler is a great source of value in terms of activities and experiences.

Intro to Yuggler, the App for kids activities and family fun

Short introduction to Yuggler, a community where families around the world share and discover ideas for kids activities and family fun.

As greater value and utility can be derived from experiences when compared to purchasing material goods, the apps listed in this article are extremely helpful for streamlining various activities. Given how valuable memories are, it is highly recommended that users engage in more activities and experiences which can be done at a reasonable price to include concerts and meeting others through these various tools.

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