Egyptian Civilization Apps

Jul 4, 2010

These apps are a good introduction to Egyptian Civilization. Whether your child might be studying it next year, or you’re just a dork like I am, these apps are educational and free.


This is a very informative app about Tutankhamen and the ancient Egyptians. It includes hieroglyphic texts, translations, and illustrations.

I learned more about Tutankhamnen from this app than I ever did in school or from a museum.


Egyptian Gods

A very comprehensive description of Egyptian gods including the type of God and corresponding symbol. Categories include Fabulous creature, Demon, and Deity. Did you know that DUA is the Egyptian god of toilets?


Egyptian Mythology Lite

A good overview of Egyptian Mythology with names and descriptions of key figures and beliefs. There is so much info in the Lite Version, I can’t imagine how dense the full version must be.


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