Easter Apps For Parents and Kids

Mar 23, 2012

These are some fun Easter Apps I’ve found that are helpful to me as parent and they’re fun for my kids as well…

Easter Bunny Scan-O-Meter

It’s a great “good/bad” scanner with an Easter twist. It reminds my kids to behave because the Easter Bunny is watching! They love to be scanned when they are being good! There’s a free version available, but it has ads in it.


iColor Easter Eggs

One of the best Easter Egg designers I’ve found for the iPhone! My kids love designing their eggs and then sending them to grandma and grandpa…


Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living

If you’re serious about impressing your kids with Easter eggs and you’re a little crafty, then it’s well worth taking a gander all all of Martha’s tips and tricks and projects. I’ve seen some of these ideas before, but having them all in one place is incredibly useful!


My Stuffy Bunny

Make your own stuffed bunny with lots of neat options! Might be a little tricky for very young children, but my 5 year old has gotten the hang of it pretty quickly. Cute graphics and a well-designed app!


Easter Stickers HD

Another fun one for the kids, there are lots of Easter graphics and “stickers” for the kids to choose and arrange any way they like.


Easter Egg Design Generator

It’s one of the simpler Easter egg designers but it has lots of colors, patterns and designs and the buttons include silly sounds that my kids like. The free price doesn’t hurt either!


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