Early Childhood Technology

Feb 4, 2010

These are the apps we are using at St. Mary’s with our PK, JK and Senior Kindergarten girls.

iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)

Great for fine motor skills and practicing letter formation.


Kid Whiteboard

Choose your colors and create, erase what you don’t like and save the ones you do.


Cookie Doodle

A sweet little app to practice fine motor skills and following a series of directions.


KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun (Including New Birthday Party and Halloween Themes)

A variety of settings lets you customize this math app for many levels.


iTalk Recorder

Great voice recorder for assessment of reading fluency and recording your own audio books.


Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing

Whiteboard app that allows you to share screens with other iPods for collaborative drawing.


A Preschool Pattern Recognition Game

Settings allow you to choose levels and number of questions.


Shape Builder – the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game

Problem solving, fine motor and shape recognition. Great reward pics when the puzzle is complete


Math Train – Addition Subtraction for kids

Simple number sentences with prompts if they need it.



Terrific graphics of each planet and the sun with easy to read facts about each including moon, size, and composition.


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