Drunk Dial me

Jan 30, 2012

Are your friends getting annoyed at your 2am calls or texts that tell you just how much you love them? These apps are for you- or in this case, maybe for them!


If you’ve ever drunk dialed your friends or family you may have spent the next day horrified at your actions, or getting yelled at by the folks you woke up at 2am. This app will help you stop that by asking you math questions before allowing you to dial. You have a time limit so there won’t be any cheating here!


Drunk Dial NO! Block Mistakes! & Chat!

A different take on the drunk dialing apps this one simply allows you to hide certain contacts for a specific period of time. Maybe your friends are cool with your 2am calls but your mother is getting really upset? Simply hide her contact information and voila! No more drunk calls to mom.


Ringr Roulette for Drunk Dialing

This one will help no one unless your friends like to make fun of your drunk dialing habits. Rather than stopping you from drunk dialing it randomizes who is going to take your call. Devious!


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