Download Discounts for Apr. 1: Rolando 2, Zap Tap Pro, Bubble Harp

Apr 1, 2011

After no support for about a year and low sales that tanked a third entry into the series, iOS game company ngmoco has updated its beloved puzzle-platfomer, Rolando 2. It’s featured at the top of today’s Download Discounts list, along with a few other apps. But just because we’ve included Rolando 2 doesn’t mean there’s no love for the original Rolando: it’s also is down to a dollar so it’s a great time to pick up both of these.

Rolando 2: The Quest for the Golden Orchid (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

The beloved tilt-based puzzle-platformer from ngmoco has finally been updated with Retina display support. It also has seen a big price cut down to just a dollar, which is a great price for this high-quality, iOS-specific title. Your goal throughout Rolando 2 is to roll various “rolandos” through each level in an attempt to rescue them all by getting them to the far side of each level.

It’s by no means easy, requiring a light touch and precision tilting. Rolando 2 has more than 45 levels to challenge players and has been pretty universally lauded. The whole game is story driven and also includes access to ngmoco’s Plus+ leaderboards to let you see how you measure up to other players.

Zap Tap Pro * Fastest Finger on Earth (iPhone, iPad) Free (was $0.99)

Zap Tap Pro is all about engaging your brain through your finger in the quickest way possible. The game packs five different challenges in which your only job is to tap — tap as fast as you can on a stationary button, or try to remember short sequences and replicate them, or chase a moving button around the screen. It’s the definition of casual fun, forcing you to rely as much on your hand-eye coordination and reflexes as anything else.

Finishing the game’s challenges earns you additional experience, causing you to gain levels that show your progress better on Zap Tap’s built-in Game Center leaderboards. The more you play, the more challenges you unlock. Zap Tap might be the most brilliantly bright game in the App Store, but it’s certainly well made and a fun way to waste a few minutes.

Bubble Harp (iPhone, iPad) Free (was $0.99)

Things don’t get much more simple than Bubble Harp — just drag your finger over your iDevice’s screen and the app lays down “strings” that start to make sounds. The app continues to play the piece that resulted from your touch over and over, and you can touch and move the strings and add additional music the the mix.

A quick menu at the bottom of the screen allows you to erase strings you don’t want and cut them from your composition. All the strings you touch and create appear as a moving graphical representation of the music, giving you an idea of what you’re playing as you play it, and helping control the loop.

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