Dork Apps Nov. 2011

Nov 3, 2011


Full Screen Keyboard Eng-Super Keyboard

It’s a full sized keyboard on your phone. What could be better? Well designed and easy to read what you have typed. Recommend!


Number Guru – Reverse Phone & Caller Lookup

Number Guru is the ultimate spam phone-call blocker and even if it’s not officially a spam number, you can block those calls as well by entering the info. Awesome!



Ask any question you want to a bunch of geniuses. What could be better? Highly Recommend!


Codebreaker:The Golden Cryptex

The code is really difficult to break because of the time limit. I hope I can eventually crack it. Great music. Neat!


Orthopedics Visual Medical Dictionary

Learn how a joint works and see what happens when the cartilage breaks down. You have to pay extra for the full length version of the videos, but the free version is very informative. Recommend!


Escape the Ape Lite

Draw trampolines on the fly to escape the ape and jump higher and higher. Don’t forget to power up with food and treats! Fun!


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