Don’t go broke shopping with these iPhone apps

It’s time to start scouring the mall and the Internet for the perfect presents for your family members and friends. Instead of going broke use these free iPhone apps to locate deals and access coupon codes. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.

Coupon Codes Plus

If you do the majority of your shopping online and you are not using coupon codes, shame on you! There is money just waiting to be saved online. Sign-up for a account and get instant access to thousands of coupon codes for your favorite online retailers, plus you can earn cash back. The free Coupon Codes Plus iPhone app gives you access to all the stellar deals from ShopAtHome while you are on the go. The Daily Deals section is a must for day-to-day browsing and the category section makes it even easier to find coupon codes for shopping.

Shopping by The Find

Who wants to pay full price when you could find the same new pair of shoes online for 20 percent off? Before you buy, scan with the free Shopping by The Find iPhone app to locate a better deal near you or online. Plus, this price comparison iPhone app also alerts you to deals on specific items you already scanned. You can set price alerts for specific items and can come back and grab them when they finally goes on sale. Don’t pay full price again!


The quickest and best way to sell your unwanted items or buy other’s unwanted items at a discount price is still eBay. The free eBay app makes it easy to list your items online. You can also shop on the go with this clever app. Scan the tag of a new item you are looking for and see if someone is selling it new or gently used online for cheaper. You really should scan every item before you buy – it’s a compulsion that can make you money.

Gilt on the Go

Discount hunting is not just for people on a strict budget anymore. Wealthier people love good deals, too, especially when there are designer and luxury sales fit to the taste of those who can afford the finer things in life. The free Gilt on the Go app gives everyone access to designer sample sales no matter where you are located or how much money you make. The most fabulous part is that these designer goods and luxury experiences are available at up to 60 percent off. Happy hunting!


If you live in a big city and love finding new places to explore, then definitely check out the free ScoutMob app for iPhone. This hipster-approved app is a creative way to find deals while on everyday adventures. You can even take pictures of your new finds with the in-app Stache-Cam! What are you waiting for? Start exploring with ScoutMob.

Kate Currin: <p><span style="line-height: 18px; font-family: 'lucida grande'; color: #333333; font-size: 12px;">Kate Currin, a techie who loves apps as much as shoes, is a freelance writer living in Chicago.</span></p>