Don’t Flirt without These Apps

Jun 10, 2010

Here’s a list of apps that I use when I go out on the town and want to put my best foot forward. I can always rely on these apps to start a convo, hit ’em with a great line, or make sure I’m lookin good.

These go in order for how you should start, proceed, and finish your night. Just follow along and you’ll be sure to have a good evening.

Bar Mapper

This app will get you started in the right direction by finding bars near you to head out to.


Pick Up Lines That Work

After you’ve landed at the bar you want, use this app to help you with your game. Whatever the situation may be, this app has the lines for you.



If you need a fun game to break the ice or the conversation is dying, this is the app for you. It sends you on a scavenger hunt in a bar, creates a fun environment, and will get the conversation flowing.


Mirror Free

If you got something in your teeth, or a lock of hair out of place, you’ll need this up to fix up your image and make sure you always look your best.



Once the night is done, you can use this app to call a taxi to wherever you are, and make sure you (and hopefully one more) can get home safely.


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