Aug 7, 2010

August 8th is national Dollar Day, celebrating the US dollar and it’s creation. Love or hate it or just want more of it, these apps will help you celebrate the almighty dollar.

Dollar Origami Lite

Just in case the Dollar doesn’t do enough for you in it’s flat form you can get this app and fold your dollars into something interesting. Collared shirt anyone?



Love the dollar so much you want it to be your iPhone wallpaper? This app will do it for, you guessed it, a dollar.


Dollar Ring Origami

Proposing to that special someone on Dollar day? Fold them up a ring. It costs way less than diamonds!


Cash Cow

Match up the coins to make yourself some dollars, on a farm, because that makes sense right?


XE Currency

Maybe you don’t love the dollar so much. Maybe you love something else more. Well use this app to find out how far your dollar will go in other currencies.


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