Doggone it!

Oct 1, 2010

I have two rescued pooches — a puggle-ish pup and a yorkie-something-or-other and I don’t know what I would do without them! They do everything good pups are supposed to do: they are adorable, they snuggle on command, entertain me for hours, and make me feel important when I come home by wagging their tails like crazy! In turn, I try to be a good human to them and these apps help me out!

MiPets – Pet Info Organizer

This lets you keep track of everything about your pet including vet information, food, and medication. You can add pictures and even let your pets join in on the social media hype by posting information about your pooch on facebook and twitter!


Off Leash

This helps you find all the off leash dog parks near you!


Dog Whistler – Your Free Dog Whistle

In my case, this isn’t very useful as a training tool, but it is fun to see them perk up when you push the whistle!

 Download Adopt Pets

Give a pooch a chance at happiness! You can find rescues and pound pups of all ages, breeds, and sizes. You can also find feline friends and other pet breeds on this app. They’ll love you forever!


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