Dog Whistlers for you

Apr 22, 2010

Which is the best one? I know it’s hard to decide, but here are the features of the ones I have downloaded.

Dog Whistler – Your Free Dog Whistle

Dog Whistler is a ton of fun, especially if you don’t think it’s going to work and there are a lot of dogs in your neighborhood. Under the info tab, it has a list of rough estimates of hearing ranges based on human age. It’s a fun experiment!
Settings include manual, continuous, and timer. Frequency ranges from 80hz to 22,000hz. There are four presets. I like the layout of this app the best, it’s very simple and the background is green.


UltraSound Whistle

UltraSound Whistle is the most basic of all three on this list. It’s an icon of a whistle and you can change the frequency with the typical plus and minus signs. It ranges from to 12000Hz to40000Hz.


Dog Whistle Free

Dog Whistle Free has a frequency range between 0kHz and 20kHz, a sound meterdB, and an option to change the pattern of the whistle from slow beeping, to continuous, to moderate. There is a toggle button and three presets. The directions for this app are a lot more thorough than for the other two. There is also a human hearing range data list that is fun to test. This app has the most information under the info section and the pro version comes with a training guide for your dog.


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