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Sep 3, 2016

How can we deal with all those information we meet in every second of our lives? How can we manage to find a way in the jungle of data? We categorize, use stereotypes and associate. Stereotypo, Timur Yakubov’s freshly launched app, spiced with just a perfect amount of sarcasm, will help you to discover if you are all about conventions or can think differently.

What our minds do all day is associating and organizing new information mainly based on stereotypes. It is a quite normal human activity but taking recent social reactions and problems into consideration we might should be careful with them. Steretypo is an entertaining, easy-to-learn yet very engaging application that makes its user go deeper into his stereotypes and associations regarding the simplest phenomenon or even a complex one.

The game consists of different categories and to unlock a new one users need to collect coins and stars. How they can be earned is the essential of the game. There is always a word given with a set of pictures. The task is to select all those pictures that are related to that certain word. Of course not all pictures are related and that is the trick – Stereotypo offers a playful way of showing how people use the same schemes when categorizing but also how much the player has a unique way of perceiving the outside world.

Unlike other association games like Word Wall or Word to Word, Stereotypo offers a multidimensional platform as it combines the verbal and the visual skills instead of focusing only on one of them. World of Stereotypes is another game in the field working with existing categories in our heads but it is limited only to nation and country related stereotypes. The real novelty of Stereotypo is covering a multiple and a very diverse scale of concepts thus highlighting the fact that these stereotypes are existing on every field of our lives.

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The strength of Stereotypo lies in its entertaining and simple characteristics – it is super easy to learn how it works which helps to make the users engaged as they don’t need to suffer with understanding complicated rules despite in the case of many newly developed applications. Also, it is just the ideal game to play on the tram on the way to work as it requires just the right amount of brain activity combined with great graphics to please the eyes as well. Stereotypo is building on the idea that while we all have some common ideas of the world, our thinking is not totally similar which makes the application challenging. At the same time, it is not hard to get stucked on some certain levels which can result in some players giving up on the app.

What really should be pointed out about Stereotypo is the fact that time to time it reminds the player that having different associations – meaning giving the wrong answer – is actually good and makes the person unique and is rewarded by a short message. At the same time this is a small weakness as well: it is rewardable but it does not get rewarded by any coins or stars. At the end what is rewarded is exactly thinking conventionally. Though on the other hand it is true that being able to receive coins for any kind of answer would ruin the game.

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All in all, Stereotypo offers a relaxing yet intellectual fun for spare time and boring situations with a spoonful of humor and sarcasm and encouragement to think outside the box.

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