Do You Have What It Takes to Build and Customize the Ultimate Virtual Arsenal?

May 2, 2017

Enthusiasm for the history and collection of firearms is a long-standing past-time in the U.S. and around the world. Despite how widespread the industry is, there are still millions of people who may have a passion for studying and collecting firearms, but simply do not have the means, ability or interest in owning their own. That’s where Crimson Moon’s iGun Pro 2 comes in, offering users the ability to design, customize, and collect their very own firearms in the palm of their virtual hand.

iGun Pro 2 is built on a proprietary new design engine that offers customization offerings that were previously unavailable in iGun Pro, which took hold among more than 55M enthusiasts around the world since its launch in 2009. The latest version introduces new features that enhance how you can interact with your collection, explore new firearms, and share favorite creations with friends.

You start with a purse of coins and rubies, which can be increased through redeemable loot crates. The app offers a wide selection of firearms, each with interactive options for fire simulation. After exploring the many options and testing them out, you select which you want to purchase for your collection and start customizing with one-of-a-kind paint designs and attachments. Additionally, users have the ability to customize each weapon with accessories like suppressors, flashlights and lasers.

As you progress through the app and earn coins and rubies, you’re able to unlock new guns, patterns and attachments to customize and grow your virtual arsenal. With a rapidly expanding gun selection, unique attachments and design patterns released regularly, the opportunities to collect and design customized firearms are endless. The proprietary game engine allows you to pinch and expand to zoom in and out on your designs, allowing you to add your personal touch to even the tiniest details.

While collecting and designing a custom virtual arsenal could keep a dedicated collector busy for days, iGun Pro 2 allows you to show off your creations through global design contests and sticker sharing integrations. Sharing functionality is compatible with iMessage, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making it easy to engage friends in the fun.

iGun Pro 2 goes far above and beyond today’s average gun simulation apps, which is why it has built interest among millions of enthusiasts around the world. The app puts some of the most notable design capabilities being inspired by popular graphic design software right into your hands, making it accessible and enjoyable for both design gurus and amateurs alike.

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